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This page contains links to papers, books, and articles, both published and unpublished, for which the full text is available. In all cases, copyright permission has been given by the author and his or her representatives for the material to be put onto the web. At present, the following books, articles, and papers are available in their full form:


National Curriculum Adaptation Model for Multi-grade Classrooms. A paper prepared by Dr Moharram Aghazadeh, Center for Educational Planning and Development (CEPD)


Small, Multigrade Schools and Increasing Access to Primary Education in India: National Context and NGO Initiatives.
CREATE PATHWAYS TO ACCESS Research Monograph written by Nicole Blum and Rashmi Diwan


Size Matters for EFA
CREATE PATHWAYS TO ACCESS Research Monograph written by Angela W. Little

  Size Matters for EFA. CREATE POLICY BRIEF Number 4

Increasing Access through Multigrade Teaching and Learning. CREATE POLICY BRIEF Number 5


School Improvement in a Multigrade Situation. An Action Research carried out in Chitral-Pakistan. A paper prepared for the website by Jalal Wali Khan and Sultan Ali Khan


Adapted/Adjusted Curriculum for Multigraded teaching in Africa: A real solution? A paper prepared for the website by Jurie Joubert.


All Together Now, by Angela W Little, IOE life, Institute of Education.


Learning and Teaching in Multigrade Settings (LATIMS): a final report to DFID by Angela W Little, Pat Pridmore, Hridaya Bajracharya and Manjula Vithanapathirana (2006)

School Improvement in Multigrade Situation (SIMS): An innovation of the PDCC: Karachi. Khan, Jalal Wali (2006)
SIMS case study presentation    

Learning and Teaching in Multigrade Settings Paper prepared for the UNESCO 2005 EFA Monitoring Report. Angela W Little (2004)


Multigrade School Education, A Final evaluation report by Angela W Little and Pat Pridmore, Report to EU (2004)

Multigrade teaching: a review of research and practice
This report was produced by Angela Little for the Overseas Development Agency in 1995

Multiclass teaching in primary schools
A book containing practical advice for multigrade teachers written by Ian Collingwood in 1991.

Renovating the teaching of health in multigrade primary schools
A teacher's guide containing practical advice for multigrade teachers in Vietnam, focusing specifically on teaching health.

Multigrade teaching: One response to Jomtien
This paper, written by Dr Eleanore Hargreaves, describes the genesis of the multigrade project at the Insitute of Education

Bring the school to the child: Multigrade schools in Vietnam
In this article, Dr Pat Pridmore describes how multigrade schools are being used to provide schooling in disadvantaged areas of Vietnam.

Multigrade teaching in Japan, Peru, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam
These three short papers describe current situation as regards multigrading in the four countries. Each paper has been written by a different scholar.

Strategies for multigrade teaching
This is a paper delivered by Terry Cash, a curriculum consultant, at a workshop on multigrade teaching held in Sri Lanka in September 2000.

Multigrade teaching: A discussion document
This paper was delivered by Dr. Chris Berry at a multigrade workshop held in Botwsana by the Commonwealth Secretariat in July 2000.

Multigrade teaching in Belize
This paper was delivered by Wilma Wright at a multigrade workshop held in Botswana by the Commonwelath Secretariat in July 2000.

Mixed age teaching in Hackney primary schools
A paper presenting the preliminary findings from survey research into mixed age teaching in primary schools in Hackney, East London

'Escuela Nueva (New School)' in Colombia: a successful example of primary educational innovation in developing countries.
A short article by Yasuo Saito (translated from the Japanese by Takako Suzuki)

The Escuela Nueva of Colombia: different perspectives on an example of primary education reform
A review essay written by Ian Leggett, a student at EID 2000/2001

A Proposal to Study Multi-grade Teaching in Northern Areas of Pakistan and Chital
A research proposal developed by Rana Hussain of the Aga Khan Foundation in Pakistan

Teachers' Perceptions of their Participation in Policy Choices:
The Bottom-up Approah of the Nueva Escuela Unitaria (NEU) in Guatemala

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